Tall Reeds

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Tall Reeds are a piece of scenery found surrounding shallow water in the Kharazi Jungle and used in the Legend's Quest. When they are cut by using a machette on them in order to access the water, cut reed plant is added to the player's inventory, which must then be used on the shallow water in order to turn the Blessed Golden Bowl into a Blessed Golden Bowl with Pure Water.

Messages[edit | edit source]


These tall reeds look nice and long,
with a long tube for a stem.
They reach all the way down to the water.

Using a Machette:

[if less than 5 reeds in inventory]
You use your machette to cut down a tall reed.
You cut it into a length of pipe.
[if 5 or more reeds in inventory]
There are no tall reeds left in this area.