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The Radimus Scrolls are a quest item used in the Legend's Quest to record a map of the Kharazi Jungle for Sir Radimus Erkle. They also contain a mission briefing detailing the tasks which must be completed in the quest.

If you lose the Radimus Scrolls, you can give Sir Radimus Erkle 30 coins for another copy.

Players needs 50 crafting in order to map the Kharazi Jungle

Mapping[edit | edit source]

Mapping the Kharazi Jungle requires A lump of Charcoal and three papyri. The jungle is divided into western, eastern and middle sections.

Beginning[edit | edit source]

  • When clicking on scrolls in right section and choosing "Start Mapping Kharazi Jungle.", the quest history chat notifies:
    • You open and start to read the scrolls that Radimus gave you.
    • You prepare to start mapping this area...
    • You neatly add a new section to your map.
    • You still have some sections of the map to complete.

The mapping may fail:

  • Player keeps the Papyrus:
    • You make a mess of the map, but are able to rescue the paper.
  • Player loses the Papyrus:
    • You scratch through the papyrus destroying it completely.
  • If the player is not in the Kharazi Jungle they will get the following messages:
    • You open and start to read the scrolls that Radimus gave you.
    • You're not even in the Kharazi Jungle yet.
    • You need to get to the Southern end of Karamja
    • before you can start mapping.
    • [If player is also missing both papyrus and charcoal]
    • You'll need some papyrus and charcoal to complete this map.
  • If player does not have 50 crafting:
    • You open and start to read the scrolls that Radimus gave you.
    • You need a crafting level of 50 to perform this task.
  • After that the complete and incomplete sections will be listed in either green or red:
    • Eastern area of the Kharazi Jungle - *** Completed ***
    • You have yet to map the mid - part of the Kharazi Jungle.
    • You have yet to map the Western part of the Kharazi Jungle.
  • Player attempts to map an area they have already mapped:
    • You prepare to start mapping this area...
    • You have already completed this part of the map.
    • [Will list out areas player has already done/not done]
  • Once the mapping is complete:
    • Well done !
    • You have completed mapping the Kharazai[sic] jungle on the southern end of Karamja,
    • Grand Vizier Erkle will be pleased.

Jungle Forester[edit | edit source]

Jungle Forester will be impressed after the map is complete. They will make a copy of the map and reward player with Bull Roarer, a useful tool for calling the jungle natives.

Trivia[edit | edit source]