Enchanted Vial

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An enchanted vial is a vial enchanted by the Book of Binding while the player has an empty vial, at a cost of 10 prayer and 10 magic points. It is used to hold the holy water from the Blessed Golden Bowl with Pure Water. Up to 10 enchanted vials can be filled from the blessed golden bowl. Holy water vials can only be used on Ungadulu prior to the player killing Nezikchened for the first time. After Nezikchened has been killed the first time, the Holy Water Vial CANNOT be used again.

Note: the shallow water does not provide with water for the blessed golden bowl post-quest, as such players wanting to keep many holy waters will need to fill many bowls

Tip 1: An effective way to restore the player's drained magic levels from enchanting vials is to touch the Powering crystals at the top of the Watchtower since Stat restoration Potions are ineffective for that purpose.

Tip 2: An even more effective method is to obtain a spare Powering crystal during the Watchtower (quest) and go to an Altar. When the player's prayer is below 10 pray at the alter. When the player's magic is below 10, drop the crystal and touch it, fully restoring the player's magic level. After touching the crystal cast Telekinetic grab on it to pick it back up.