Germinated Yommi tree seed

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Germinated Yommi tree seeds are a quest item used in the Legend's Quest. They are made by using Blessed Golden Bowl with Pure Water on Yommi tree seeds. They can be used on fertile earth to grow Yommi Trees. Doing this requires the player to have a herblaw level of 45.

Messages[edit | edit source]

When player selects the 'inspect' option:

These seeds have been germinated in pure water...
They can be planted in fertile soil now...

Attempting to use on Fertile earth without having Blessed Golden Bowl with Pure Water:

You'll need some sacred water to feed
the tree when it starts growing.

Attempting to use on Fertile earth without having a Rune Axe:

You'll need a very tough, very sharp axe to
fell the tree once it is grown.

When planted seed instantly dies:

You planted the seed incorrectly, it withers and dies.

Successfully planting the seed:

You bury the Germinated Yommi tree seed in the fertile earth...
You start to see something growing.
The plant grows at a remarkable rate.
It looks as if the tree needs to be watered...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When players germinate the tree seeds the player will germinate however many the player has at once. When they have all been germinated, any bowls the player has will become emptied.
  • If players do not have at least one inventory spot free when they go to germinate the seeds. The created germinated seeds will be dropped.