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Golden Bowls are quest items, the creation of which is taught during the Legend's Quest. One golden bowl requires two gold bars to make and gives 30 Smithing experience. Gold bars made of "pure gold" from Witchaven dungeon cannot be used to make these.

Although the bowls have a low level alchemy value of 400 they cannot be sold to General Stores making it tedious item to get rid of in the case player has trained smith with them.

There is a chance to make a mistake while hammering the bowl and when it happens you will lose one gold bar and receive 1 smithing]] [[experience.

The fail rate at level 71 smithing is about 1:12.

Messages[edit | edit source]

When player has less than 50 smithing:

You need at least level 50 smithing to work gold...

When a player fails to hammer the bowl they get the message:

You make a mistake forging the bowl..

And after a successful bowl:

You forge a beautiful bowl made out of solid gold.

Filling the bowl

You fill the Golden Bowl from the [water source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

Member icon.png
Gold bar.pnggold bar2
Golden Bowl.pngGolden Bowl1

Filling the Bowl[edit | edit source]

The bowl can be used on water sources to get Golden Bowl with plain water or with the help of Cut reed plant it can be used on shallow water to obtain Golden Bowl with pure water.

Blessing the Bowl[edit | edit source]

Main article: Blessed Golden Bowl

During the Legend's Quest the bowl is blessed with Gujuo in a ritual requiring medium level Prayer.