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Nezikchened is a powerful demon found deep in the jungles of southern Karamja. He is encountered three times during the Legend's Quest and holds the title for the most powerful quest monster in RuneScape Classic.

Players may not use friends to assist in killing this demon in any of the battles. Doing so will result in the demon immediately de-spawning.

An effective strategy to kill this demon in all three battles is to use Iban blast. The only down side is that the player may have to trek back through the Underground Pass and go to the Flames of zamorak after each battle, as the staff can only be used 25 times before needing to be recharged.

First battle[edit | edit source]

Nezikchened has possessed Ungadulu and is released with the Booking of Binding. The player's prayer skill is drained and retreating will cause the battle to restart from the beginning - Nezikchened having full hits.

Second battle[edit | edit source]

Nezikchened is disguised as the ghost Echned Zekin and provides the player with a Dark Dagger with which to kill the spirit Viyeldi. When the player has returned (regardless of whether Viyeldi has been killed) he will reveal his true form and attack, draining the player's prayer level to around 25, depending on their level. At 51 prayer, he will drain it completely.

Third battle[edit | edit source]

Nezikchened attacks when the player attempts to place the Totem Pole. Prayer is not drained if the player did not kill Viyeldi, so Paralyze Monster can easily be used. If players did kill him, then their prayer will be drained like in previous fights.

Messages[edit | edit source]

If player attacks another player's demon:

Your attack glides straight through the Demon.
as if it wasn't really there.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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100% drops[edit | edit source]

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