Rocky Walkway

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Rocky Walkway is a piece of scenery located in the lower sections of the Legends caverns. It is similar in appearance to the Rock Hewn Stairs nearby. The walkway can be failed to be traversed which causes varying degrees of damage to the player based upon the player's hits and damage message ranging between 2-28 damage.

Players gain 5 xp for successfully balancing.

Players gain 1.25 agility xp for falling

Messages[edit | edit source]

  • Balancing:
    • You manage to keep your balance.
  • Failing to balance:
    • You slip and fall...
    • [Various degrees of damage inflicted]
    • ...but you luckily avoid any damage.
    • ...and take a bit of damage.
    • ...and take some damage.
    • ...and take damage.
    • ...and are injured.
    • ...and take some major damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This scenery was added to the cache no later than 23 October 2002, with the release of Biohazard quest. Given when it was added in the game files, nearly 10 months prior to its only use in Legend's Quest, Rocky Walkway was likely originally intended to be scenery used in the Underground pass quest.