Totem Pole (scenery)

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Did you mean Totem Pole item?

Examine: A carved and decorated totem pole

Totem Pole is a piece of scenery found in both the Kharazi Jungle and the Legends' Guild.

The one in Kharazi Jungle is evil and replaced during the quest by a Totem Pole created by the player. The one located in the Legends' Guild is a gift from Gujuo, received after slaying the demon Nezichened for the last time.

Looking[edit | edit source]

Before replacing:

"This totem pole looks very corrupted,
there is a darkness about it that seems quite unnatural.
You don't like to look at it for too long."
Replaced totem
Examine: A carved and decorated totem pole

When it is replaced:

You remove the evil totem pole.
And replace it with the one you carved yourself.
As you do so, you feel a lightness in the air,
almost as if the Kharazi jungle were sighing.
Perhaps Gujuo would like to see the totem pole.

After replacing (Same as one in Legend's Guild):

This totem pole is truly awe inspiring.
It depicts powerful Karamja jungle animals.
It is very well carved and brings a sense of power
and spiritual fullfilment[sic] to anyone who looks at it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Players who have replaced the totem in the jungle will find that it will be replaced with the evil one. To make the replaced totem visible players need to look at it. It will be replaced visually by the evil totem after 10 seconds.