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It may not accurately reflect the last version of RS Classic.
A White wolf, one of the many possible animals in RuneScape Classic that might have been called by the Call animal spell.

Summoning spells were among the many early ideas that Jagex had for RuneScape in 2001 but were unable to produce within the lifespan of Classic.

Summoning spells were an expansion to the Magic skill known to have been imagined ever since the magic system first diverged from the GoodMagic-EvilMagic dichotomy into the modern Spellbook on 24 May 2001 (Update)[1]. However, the idea may have originated even earlier, as there was a Class called "Necromancer" available to choose at character creation up until the Magic skill was released. All three of the summoning spells utilized the Life-Rune as the main reagent that enabled life to be produced via Magic.

It's not known how far in development the spells were, but it is likely that development was not advanced further than their spell definitions in the game config. It would also be expected that some investigation into how feasible it would be to add a follower system in RuneScape Classic was done, with the conclusion that it was "not feasible". The spells were removed from the game config in late December 2001, at the same time that Pay-to-play was being prepared for release.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Level Spell Description Runes needed
45 Call animal Summon an animal follower Earth-Rune.png 3 Earth-Runes, Air-Rune.png 3 Air-Runes, Water-Rune.png 3 Water-Runes, Life-Rune.png 1 Life-Rune
51 Raise skeleton Raise a skeleton warrior you control! Earth-Rune.png 5 Earth-Runes, Fire-Rune.png 5 Fire-Runes, Bones.png 5 Bones, Life-Rune.png 1 Life-Rune
61 Summon demon Summon a demon you control! Fire-Rune.png 10 Fire-Runes, Earth-Rune.png 10 Earth-Runes, Air-Rune.png 10 Air-Runes, Life-Rune.png 1 Life-Rune

Known users of Summoning spells[edit | edit source]

Within the lore of RuneScape Classic exist several NPCs who are able to use magic to summon monsters.

References[edit | edit source]

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