Ardougne teleport

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Ardougne teleport
Ardougne teleport.png
Level 51
Experience 122
Quest Plague City

The Ardougne Teleport is a teleport spell that sends you to the south end of the zoo in East Ardougne. The Ardougne teleport becomes available to the player after completion of the Plague City quest by reading the Magic scroll. If the player loses this scroll, they can obtain another by talking to Edmond. It requires level 51 Magic to cast, and costs 2 Water-Runes and 2 Law-Runes.

Attempting to cast the spell not having finished the quest or read the scroll will produce the message:

"You don't know how to cast this spell yet
You need to do the plague city quest"
Location teleport takes you

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the server message given, after finishing the Plague City quest the player needs to read the scroll to be able to use the spell.