Saradomin strike

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Saradomin Strike is a magic god spell that requires a minimum of level 60 magic to use. This spell requires 2 Blood-Runes, 2 Fire-Runes and 4 Air-Runes to use. Saradomin Strike has a maximum hit of 18 when uncharged. You must have the Saradomin Staff and Saradomin Cape to be able to use this spell and you must have casted it 100 times in the arena before casting it outside. If you have level 80 magic and cast the spell Charge, then this spell's power is doubled and has a maximum hit of 25.

Every hit you land with this attack will reduce your opponent's prayer by 1. For example:

If you hit a 25 with this spell, your opponent will lose 1 prayer point.
If you hit a 1 with this spell, your opponent will also lose 1 prayer point.