Burst of strength (spell)

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It may not accurately reflect the last version of RS Classic.
This article is about the removed Burst of strength GoodMagic spell. For the version released with the prayer skill, see Burst of strength.

Burst of strength was a stat boosting spell which required level 2 GoodMagic to cast. Casting the spell required 1 Earth-Rune and 2 Body-Runes and could be done while the player was in direct combat, unlike many other EvilMagic and GoodMagic spells at the time. Just like later teleport spells, the player would cast the spell upon themself.

The spell temporarily increased the player's strength level by 5[1], after which this bonus gradually wore off[2]. After the update New magic system online! on 24 May 2001, the spell became a prayer, burst of strength.

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