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Carpentry was supposed to be a skill in RuneScape Classic. It ultimately never came out, but was released. Carpentry is no longer mentioned anywhere in Classic.

History[edit | edit source]

At first, many people assumed Carpentry had something to do with the sudden addition empty houses to Varrock and Falador. Instead, the initial idea was that the empty houses would be an early form of Player-owned houses. However as RuneScape Classic gained more and more popularity, they changed the idea to make them available only to clans, in an effort to boost the community aspect of the game. This concept, however, was put on hold and eventually scrapped as there would not be enough houses for them, due to the large increase of players at the time.[1][2]

Carpentry appeared as a non-functional teaser on the skill tab (under Herblaw) after the addition of the Thieving skill in 30 April 2002 and remained there until the addition of the Agility skill, which was released on Thursday 12 December 2002. It was also featured in the HiScores page but was eventually removed from it, along with some of the empty houses in Varrock and Falador.

Tiles (which have no use in-game) and planks (which are only used in Dragon Slayer, Observatory quest and Underground pass) are commonly associated with Carpentry. Nails are also assumed to have been intended to eventually be used with the skill.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was not until 31 May 2006 with the release of the Construction skill in RS2 that the player owned houses became implemented, as they were instanced and not on the world itself.
  • Although it is unknown what was planned for Carpentry, history suggests that early development of the Construction skill could have taken ideas from Carpentry.

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