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Hits (also known as hitpoints or health) represents the amount of damage a player can withstand before they die. Hits also affect the player's combat level. Each Hits level is 1/4th of a combat level, the same as Attack, Defense, and Strength.

A player attacks a Man

To gain Hits experience, a player must kill something with either melee or magic. Ranged does not give you Hits experience. The amount of Hits experience received from killing opponents is different for each opponent, and unlike in RuneScape 2, is unrelated to the opponents' Hits. The amount of Hits experience received is not effected by the stance that the player is fighting in. Controlled, Aggressive, Accurate, and Defensive stances all grant the same amount of experience relative to the player's opponent.

Some players prefer to keep their Hits at a low level by training their Attack skill at the dummies in Varrock, using items to decrease their Attack level. This lets them achieve higher combat stats at a lower level (these are known as "Wined pures").

Like all skills, the maximum amount of hits a player can have at any time is 99. If a player drops to 0 hits, temporary death of the player occurs.

Hitsplats appear in combat

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first player to get 99 in the Hits skill was Zonghui.

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