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Skill mastery is achieved by reaching level 99 in a skill. To reach level 99, 13,034,431 experience is needed in a skill.

First players to achieve level 99[edit | edit source]

Skill Date achieved Player
Woodcutting 28 August 2001 Everdred
Magic 28 September 2001 Bluerose13x
Smithing 13 December 2001 Bluerose13x
Cooking January 2002 Tks
Strength March/April 2002 Ladykilljoy
Firemaking April 2002 Cowchicken or Dragoon 787
Attack April/May 2002 Ladykilljoy
Fishing 23 May 2002 Tks
Defense 5 June 2002 Zonghui
Hits June 2002 Zonghui
Thieving June-September 2002 Swedemike
Mining June-September 2002 Joe Bill64
Ranged 11 October 2002 Snake Slava
Agility 23 March 2003 Thehate
Crafting 30 March 2003 Ltangel
Fletching March/April 2003 Chilipeppers
Herblaw May-July 2003 Halw Gnun

Other major achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Date achieved Player
97 Prayer 5 March 2004 Lilyuffie88
123 Combat March/April 2003 Gearshifter

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Players who reach level 99 in a skill are shown the experience needed for level 100 (14,391,160) by mousing over that skill. However, if players reach that experience they still remain level 99 and the experience for level 100 text is kept.
  • No player was able to achieve 99 prayer before the release of RuneScape 2.
    • The maximum registered experience in Prayer before the launch day of Runescape 2 is between 11.3-11.5m experience, corresponding to Lilyuffie88.
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