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For training this skill, see the Herblore training article.
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Herblaw (known as Herblore in RuneScape 2) is a skill in RuneScape Classic that allows players to make potions. Potions have a variety of effects, including curing poison, temporarily raising or restoring certain skills, or poisoning weapons. Potion boosts will generally allow players to perform certain feats that would otherwise require a few levels higher to do so. However, some quests' skill requirements do not allow boosts to be used.

Getting started in Herblaw requires completion of the Druidic Ritual quest, which will raise the player's Herblaw level to 3 (the level required to make the first potion). It is usually impossible to start Herblaw without completing this quest.

Obtaining herbs[edit | edit source]

Herbs are a lot less common in Classic than they are in RuneScape 2. The best way to obtain herbs is from monster drops. Chaos druids, chaos druid warriors and men are great for obtaining herbs as they drop them frequently. Another option is to buy the herbs off of other players. Usually, larger amounts of herbs can be found for sale on the forums, but players will also sell them in banks (especially Draynor) on occasion. Players can trade both identified and unidentified herbs.

Identifying herbs[edit | edit source]

When herbs are first obtained as drops from monsters, they are unidentified. Unidentified herbs stack in your bank according to their type. In order to be able to use these herbs to make potions, a player must identify what the herb is by clicking on it in the inventory screen. Different herbs require different levels to identify.

Image Herb Herblaw level Experience Fatigue SU (%)
Herb.png Guam Leaf 3 2.5 40 (0.0533%)
Herb.png Marrentill 5 3.75 60 (0.08%)
Herb.png Tarromin 11 5 80 (0.1066%)
Herb.png Harralander 20 6.25 100 (0.1333%)
Herb.png Ranarr weed 25 7.5 120 (0.16%)
Herb.png Irit leaf 40 8.75 140 (0.1866%)
Herb.png Avantoe 48 10 160 (0.2133%)
Herb.png Kwuarm 54 11.25 180 (0.24%)
Herb.png Cadantine 65 12.5 200 (0.2667%)
Herb.png Dwarf weed 70 13.75 220 (0.2933%)
Herb.png Torstol 75 15 240 (0.32%)

Mixing potions[edit | edit source]

A player filling a vial with visible bubble.
Audio of a player making potions

Making a potion requires a vial filled with water, a herb, and a secondary ingredient. Vials can be made using the Crafting skill, or bought from the Taverley herb shop. Water can be added to an empty vial by using it on a sink, fountain, or other water sources. Vials already containing water are sold by Kortan in his East Ardougne general store, allowing players to save time. Secondary ingredients vary widely. Secondary ingredients may be found in shops, as a spawn, or obtained through monster drops. See below for level requirements.

Image Name Level Herb Secondary Effect Experience Fatigue SU (%)
Attack Potion (3 dose).png Attack Potion 3 Guam leaf Eye of newt Boosts Attack by 10% + 3 levels 25 400 (0.533%)
Cure poison Potion (3 dose).png Cure poison 5 Marrentill Ground unicorn horn Cures poison and provides little immunity to it 37.5 600 (0.8%)
Explosive compound.png Explosive compound 10 Nitroglycerin Ammonium Nitrate, Ground charcoal, Arcenia root Injures when dropped, explodes blockages in Digsite dungeon 18.75 300 (0.4%)
Strength Potion (4 dose).png Strength potion 12 Tarromin Limpwurt root Boosts Strength by 10 % + 3 levels 50 800 (1.066%)
Ogre potion.png Ogre potion 14 Guam leaf Jangerberries, Ground bat bones Wizard in Watchtower will enchant it to Magic ogre potion 50 800 (1.066%)
Stat restoration Potion (3 dose).png Stat restore potion 22 Harralander Red spiders eggs Restores drained combat stats 62.5 1000 (1.333%)
Blamish oil.png Blamish oil* 25 Harralander Blamish snail slime Used on Fishing Rod to make Oily Fishing Rod 80* 1280 (1.706%)
Defense Potion (3 dose).png Defense Potion 30 Ranarr weed White berries Boosts Defense by 10 % + 3 levels 75 1200 (1.6%)
Restore prayer Potion (3 dose).png Restore prayer potion 38 Ranarr weed Snape grass Restores Prayer level by (Level * 0.25 + 7) 87.5 1400 (1.866%)
Super attack Potion (3 dose).png Super attack potion 45 Irit leaf Eye of newt Provides a greater boost to Attack (15% + 5 levels) 100 1600 (2.133%)
Gujuo Potion.png Gujuo Potion* 45 Snake Weed Ardrigal Used to gain courage to climb down a rope in Legends caverns 0* 0 (0%)
Poison antidote (3 dose).png Poison Antidote 48 Irit leaf Ground unicorn horn Cures poison and provides immunity for some time 106.25 1700 (2.266%)
Fishing Potion (3 dose).png Fishing potion 50 Avantoe Snape grass Boosts Fishing level by 3 112.5 1800 (2.4%)
Super strength Potion (3 dose).png Super strength potion 55 Kwuarm Limpwurt root Provides a greater boost to Strength (15% + 5 levels) 125 2000 (2.667%)
Weapon poison.png Weapon poison 60 Kwuarm Ground blue dragon scale Poisons throwing knives, throwing darts, arrows, a spear, or a dagger 137.5 2200 (2.933%)
Super defense Potion (3 dose).png Super defense potion 66 Cadantine White berries Provides a greater boost to Defense (15% + 5 levels) 150 2400 (3.2%)
Ranging Potion (3 dose).png Ranging potion 72 Dwarf weed Wine of zamorak Boosts Ranged by 10% + 4 levels 162.5 2600 (3.466%)
Potion of Zamorak (3 dose).png Potion of Zamorak** 78 Torstol Jangerberries Boosts Attack (20% + 2 levels) and Strength (12% + 2 levels), decreases Defense (10% +2 levels) and Hitpoints (10%), and restores 10% of the players Prayer to prayer points 175 2800 (3.733%)

* Some of the ingredients to make this potion cannot be acquired after the quest it is used in
** Last dose becomes an additional 2 levels affected

Secondary ingredients[edit | edit source]

Each potion requires an additional ingredient after a herb is added in order to complete it. These ingredients are obtained in various ways throughout RuneScape Classic.

Image Secondary Ingredient Collection methods Potions
Eye of newt.png Eye of newt Can be bought in Taverley herb store for 3 coins as well as from Betty in Port Sarim. Also dropped by zombies. Attack potion, Super Attack Potion
Ground unicorn horn.png Ground unicorn horn A Unicorn horn is obtained from killing unicorns and black unicorns, which is then ground with a pestle and mortar. Also, Chaos druid warriors drop already Ground Unicorn Horns on occasion. Cure poison, Poison antidote
Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt root Obtained from hobgoblin, chaos druid warrior and giant drops. Strength potion, Super Strength Potion
Red spiders eggs.png Red spiders eggs There are 2 respawns in the Varrock Sewers. The Edgeville Dungeon has 4 respawns in low level Wilderness. One respawns inside Karamja Volcano. Stat restoration Potion
White berries.png White berries Obtained from respawn at Red dragon isle (in wilderness). These are also dropped by Chaos druid warriors. Defense Potion, Super Defense Potion
Snape grass.png Snape grass Respawns on peninsula west of Crafting Guild. Dropped by Chaos druids and Chaos druid warriors. Restore prayer potion, Fishing Potion
Ground blue dragon scale.png Ground blue dragon scale The Blue Dragon Scale needed for grinding spawns in the Taverley dungeon Blue Dragon area. Weapon poison potion
Wine of Zamorak.png Wine of Zamorak Telekinetic grab from table at the Chaos Temple north of Goblin Village Ranging Potion
Jangerberries.png Jangerberries

Spawns on the Ogre island west of Yanille (rope required to access).

Can be telegrabbed over the water.

Ogre potion, Potion of Zamorak

Ground bat bones.png

Ground bat bones Killing Giant bats in the Bat house or Taverley dungeon and grinding them with pestle and mortar. Ogre potion

Ground charcoal.png

Ground charcoal Using pestle and mortar on Charcoal from Karamja General Stores. Explosive compound

Ammonium Nitrate.png

Ammonium Nitrate Archaeological expert identifies the Unidentified powder as ammonium nitrate from the Digsite chest. Chest key is required to open the chest. Explosive compound

Arcenia root.png

Arcenia root Digsite dungeon Explosive compound

Blamish snail slime.png

Blamish snail slime From Gerrant during Hero's quest Blamish oil

Herblaw certificates[edit | edit source]

Some Herblaw supplies can be exchanged for certificates. Sidney Smith, in Yanille, will exchange the following certificates for Herblaw items (and vice versa):

Super Attack Potion Certificate.png Super attack potion certificates
Super Defense Potion Certificate.png Super defense potion certificates
Certificate.png Super strength potion certificates
Prayer Potion Certificate.png Prayer potion certificates
Limpwurt Root Certificate.png Limpwurt root certificates

Boosts[edit | edit source]

Item Boost Visibility
Greenmans ale 1 level Visible

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]


The following quests offer Herblaw experience rewards:

  • Druidic Ritual - 250 XP - Required to start using the herblaw skill, taught by Kaqemeex
  • Jungle Potion -
  • Hero's quest -
  • The Dig Site -

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Greenman's ale can be drunk to boost herblaw level by 1
  • In RuneScape 2, a herb's initial state is grimy, but the name of the herb is revealed when you put your cursor over it. These herbs are "cleaned" instead of being identified before being used in potions.
  • The first user to gain 99 Herblaw was Halw Gnun.
  • Potion making is depicted in the banner announcing the new skills advantage of members
  • Herblaw was displayed as a skill teaser since the first weeks of RS Launch in 2001, but could not be trained until 27 February 2002.