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For information on training this skill, see the Woodcutting training article.
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A player attempting to cut a tree with visible bubble.

Woodcutting is a skill available on RuneScape Classic. The skill consists of cutting down trees and obtaining logs. A higher woodcutting level will give players the ability to cut different types of trees, and a better chance of chopping down a tree. After being cut down, a tree will respawn once a certain amount of time has elapsed, depending on the type of tree.

Messages[edit | edit source]

It is possible to fail to cut a tree, in which the following message will appear:

  • You slip and fail to hit the tree
    • The player doesn't get the logs, and the tree remains standing
    • If the player fails to cut the tree, they must click again

Logs.png Types of logs[edit | edit source]

Many different kinds of logs can be gathered with the woodcutting skill at increasingly higher woodcutting levels. All logs can be used to make bows with the fletching skill. Furthermore, logs can be burnt with the firemaking skill. However, unlike RuneScape 2, Only regular logs can be used for firemaking, not the higher level logs.

Type Required Level Experience Fatigue
Logs 1 25 0.533%
Oak logs 15 37.5 0.8%
Willow logs 30 62.5 1.333%
Maple logs 45 100 2.133%
Yew logs 60 175 3.733%
Magic logs 75 250 5.333%

Types of axes[edit | edit source]

The better the axe, the better the chance of successfully chopping a tree and receiving logs. Unlike RuneScape 2, there is no woodcutting level requirement to use each axe for woodcutting.

Bob's Brilliant Axes is a shop in Lumbridge that sells bronze to steel axes. Higher level axes can only be acquired through smithing, as a drop from certain NPCs, or by trading with other players.

Axe type Picture Shop Price
Bronze axe Bronze Axe.png 16gp
Iron axe Iron Axe.png 56gp
Steel axe Steel Axe.png 200gp
Black axe Black Axe.png Not sold
Mithril axe Mithril Axe.png Not sold
Adamantite axe Adamantite Axe.png Not sold
Rune axe Rune Axe.png Not sold

Tree locations[edit | edit source]

Image Type Location
Tree.png Tree (unhealthy).png Pointy tree.png Tree Everywhere.
Oak Tree.png Oak Tree Gnome Stronghold, Seers Village, Grand Tree
Willow Tree.png Willow tree North-west of the Seers Village bank, west of the Grand Tree
Dramen Tree.png Dramen Tree Entrana dungeon
Maple Tree.png Maple Tree Seers Village
Yommi Tree.png Yommi Tree Kharazi Jungle fertile earth
Yew Tree.png Yew Tree South-west of the Seers Village bank
Tree (magic).png Magic Tree South of Seers Village bank, Gnome Stronghold

Log certificates[edit | edit source]

Some types of logs can be exchanged for certificates. The certificates are worth 5 logs of that type, and stack for easier carrying and trading of large numbers of logs. Chuck on the north side of East Ardougne will exchange the following logs for certificates and vice versa:

Quests[edit | edit source]

Some quests have woodcutting level requirements:

The following quests offer Woodcutting experience rewards:

  • Hero's Quest -
  • Monk's Friend -

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Originally woodcutting had to be done by using the axe on the tree
  • Originally, there were only normal trees in Runescape Classic, and the experience gained when cutting trees raised with every level you gained according to the formula . [1]
  • When the skill fletching was released, Jagex added new trees for members and made a fixed limit of experience on normal trees. It was 12.5 experience briefly and later changed to 25 experience. While Jagex compensated for this by making woodcutting a 1-click system, i.e. left clicking a tree to chop it, many players (especially free users) were upset that reaching a high-level woodcutting would take an unfortunately longer period of time.
  • Before the fletching update players had to woodcut by using an axe (right click) on the tree.
    • This was because axes, unlike pickaxes, are wieldable and have higher preference in the available item actions
  • Woodcutting was the first skill that a player achieved level 99 in, on 28 August 2001 by Everdred.[2]
  • It is possible to get Magic Logs at level 50 woodcutting from Yommi Trees.
  • The list of choppable trees in RuneScape Classic and their numbers are as follows:

References[edit | edit source]