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The God Spells are magic battle spells that require a minimum of level 60 magic to use. They require completion of the Mage Arena mini-quest in order to be cast. The player must have the God Staff and a corresponding God Cape equipped to be able to use these spells.

Note: In order to cast god spells outside Mage Arena they must first be cast inside the arena for 100 times. The status of each spell may be checked by talking to Kolodion in the bank chamber of the side building.

The three God Spells are:

Runes Name Spell effect (in addition to damage)
Saradomin strike.png Saradomin Strike opponent loses one prayer point per spell hit
Claws of Guthix.png Claws of Guthix reduces opponents defense
Flames of Zamorak.png Flames of Zamorak reduces opponents magic

Charging[edit | edit source]

Players with level 80 magic may cast the spell Charge; this spell doubles the power of God Spells and increase their maximum hit from 18 to 25.


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