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Kolodion is a wizard at the Mage Arena. The player must face him in different forms to be able to use god spells. Player are not required to complete the duel with him all in one go. If a player leaves or dies their fight will resume at the last form they had fought him as.

Players may talk to Kolodion in the first chamber of Mage Arena to fight or continue fighting. They may also check their experience with the god spells. To unlock the god spells, so they can be used outside the arena they must first be cast 100 times in the arena.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Battle Forms[edit | edit source]

His five battle forms when unlocking the spells are the following:

  • Kolodion.png Level 12
  • Ogre.png Level 65
  • Kalrag.png Level 68
  • Souless.png Level 46
  • Black Demon.png Level 98

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The examine text for Kolodion reveals that he is a "shapeshifter".
  • Holthion, Doomion, and Kolodion all share a similar name, but Kolodion takes the form of a non-hostile human mage and only transforms into a Black Demon to test the player's magical ability.
  • Despite being the third morph, his Souless morph is much weaker than his two previous morphs.
  • Unlike in later versions of RuneScape, in RuneScape Classic each form of Kolodion has the combat level displayed.

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