God Staves

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God Staves are staves that can be purchased after completion of the Mage Arena minigame. You get your first one for free, but if you lose it you will have to purchase a new one for 80,000 coins. These have +6 magic bonus and there are three different god staves. These must be held to be able to use the powerful God Spells.

The Staff of Armadyl is a staff associated with the god Armadyl which is not part of the Mage Arena minigame. It is obtained in the Temple of Ikov quest.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Item Bonuses
Aim Power Armour Magic Prayer
Staff of guthix.png Staff of guthix +6 +2 0 +6 0
Staff of Saradomin.png Staff of Saradomin +6 +2 0 +6 0
Staff of zamorak.png Staff of zamorak +6 +2 0 +6 0