Sword Pommel

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The Sword Pommel is an item that is obtained during the Shilo Village quest by searching the dolmen in Tomb of Bervirius. The pommel must be given to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai village. The player must then use a chisel on the pommel to turn it into bone beads which, when combined with bronze wire, form a beads of the dead necklace. The necklace is used to protect against toxic fumes in the Rashiliyia's Tomb. If lost, the pommel can be regained by returning to the tomb and searching the dolmen again. However, the tomb is only accessible during the quest.

Dropping[edit | edit source]

Players who drop this item will get the following messages:

"You drop the sword pommel on the floor.
It turns to dust as soon as it hits the ground."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

If players die with this item in their inventory the item will still appear in the player's death pile, unless of they protect the item on death. In which case the item will still be in the player's inventory.