Zadimus Corpse

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Zadimus Corpse is an item obtained during the Shilo village quest, and is the corpse of the ancient priest Zadimus. It is found by searching the Rotten Gallows in Ah Za Roon. Trufitus suggests to bury the corpse on the sacred ground in front of the statue located in the center of Tai Bwo Wannai village. Burying the corpse releases the spirit of Zadimus who assists the player in defeating Rashiliyia's curse. Zadimus gives the player a Bone Shard.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Attempting to drop/bury Zadimus Corpse (Not in front of statue):

(You feel an uneartly[sic] compunction to bury this corpse!)
(You hear a ghostly wailing sound coming from the corpse)
(and a whispering voice says,)
'[sic]Zadimus: Let me rest in a sacred place and assist you I (will'[sic])

Burying Zadimus Corpse (in front of statue)

  • (You feel an uneartly[sic] compunction to bury this corpse!)
  • (You hear an unearthly moaning sound as you see)
  • (an apparition materialises[sic] right in front of you.)
  • Zadimus: You have released me from my torture, and now I shall aid you
  • Zadimus: You seek to dispell[sic] the one who tortured and killed me
  • Zadimus: Remember this...
  • Zadimus: 'I am the key, but only kin may approach her.'
  • (The apparition disapears[sic] into the ground where you buried the corpse.)
  • (You see the ground in front of you shake)
  • (as a shard of bone forces its way to the surface.)
  • (You take the bone shard and place it in your inventory.)