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Locating Crystal is a quest item from Shilo Village quest. It is obtained along with Sword Pommel and Bervirius Tomb Notes by searching the Tomb Dolmen in the Tomb of Bervirius. The crystal is used to navigate to the entrance of Rashiliyia's Tomb, but player must wear Beads of the dead before entering the second section of the Rashiliyia's Tomb.

The orb has an 'Activate' option. When players let the crystal draw upon their spiritual energy it will take 1-2 (possibly more) prayer points depending on how many prayer points the player has. When players select 'Activate' the following messages will be displayed:

"You feel the crystal trying to draw upon your spiritual energy.
Do you want to let it.
Yes, that seems fine.
[If player has 10 or more prayer points]
Nothing seems different about the Crystal. [Player is nowhere near tomb]
The crystal glows feintly[sic] [Player is in general area]
The crystal glows brightly [Player is close to the tomb]
The crystal is very bright. [Player is very close to the tomb]
The crystal blazes brilliantly. [Player is at the tomb entrance]
[If player has less than 10 prayer points]
You have no spiritual energy that the crystal can draw from.
You need to have at least 10 prayer points for it to work.
No, it sounds a bit dangerous.
You decide not to allow the crystal to draw spiritual energy from your body."

After completing the quest, players can sell this item to Yanni for 500 coins, an artifact collector found along the south side of the river in Shilo Village.

Dropping[edit | edit source]

Attempting to drop the item yields:

Dropping Locating Crystal
Are you sure you want to drop this crystal?
It looks very delicate and it may break.

Giving the player two options:

  • Yes, I am sure.
As you drop the crystal, it hits a rock and explodes.
You are lascerated[sic]  by shards of glass.
Players will then take 10 damage. If player has 10 or less hits when they drop this item they will die.
  • No, I've reconsidered, I'll keep it!
You decide to keep the Locating Crystal
tucked into your inventory safe and sound.