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An item is an object that exists in the world of RuneScape Classic that can be dropped on the ground and can be picked up by players, which then causes it to be added to the player's inventory. It can then be deposited in a bank. Items can be bought or sold in shops or traded or staked with other players. Some items can't be given to other players or sold to shops, these are usually related to a quest or holiday event.

All items can be examined which may reveal extra details about an item not immediately visible from its name or sprite, or provide a basic description.

Items which can be equipped are classed as equipment. By clicking on them while they are in the player's inventory, all items can be used with other items, as well as with the scenery, with monsters, or with non-player characters. When in the inventory, some items have a specific action, for example, food provides an "eat" option, and bones provide a "bury" option.

When pay-to-play exclusive items appear on a free-to-play world, their name appears as "Members object" with the examine text "You need to be a member to use this object" and they cannot be used for anything, become untradeable, and lose any associated value and action. Equipment, while remaining equipped, loses all of its bonuses and cannot be re-equipped.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are exactly 1290 items in RuneScape Classic.
  • The first item of RuneScape Classic is the iron mace.
  • The last item of RuneScape Classic is the Scythe.
  • Many items look very similar; some even use the same sprite.
  • All items in RuneScape were tradable until mid-to-late January 2002.

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