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Bone Key is used during Shilo Village quest to open Hillside Entrance to enter Rashiliyia's Tomb. You can attempt to drop the key, and doing so will trigger some dialogue, but the key will not leave the player. In order to drop the key, you must be skulled in the wilderness (have another player attack you) to die and drop it in the process.

It is made at level 20 Crafting by chiseling the Bone Shard of Zadimus. Making it gives 8.75 Crafting experience.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Attempting to drop the key will give the following text:

This looks quite valuable. As you go to throw the item away Zadimus' words come to you again.
I am the key, but only kin may approach her.

If the player 'look' at the key:

"The key is intricately carved out of bone."

When player uses the key on the Hillside Entrance:

"You try the key with the lock.
As soon as you push the key into the lock.
A shimmering light dances over the doors, before you can blink, the doors creak open.
You feel a strange force pulling you inside.
The doors close behind you with the sound of crunching bone.
Before you stretches a winding tunnel blocked by an ancient gate.

When player uses the key on the door to exit Rashiliyia's Tomb :

"You feel invisible hands starting to choke you... [If player is not wearing the Beads of the dead]
You unlock the doors with the key
The doors creak open revealing bright day light.
You walk outside into the warmth of the Jungle heat."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player craft the Bone Key while their inventory is full, it will force the key to be dropped on the ground when it is crafted.
  • Players who sell the key to Yanni Salikacan can later re-obtain it by speaking to Yanni Salika again and paying him 100 coins.

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