Tomb Doors

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Tomb Doors are special kind of doors scenery located in the Rashiliyia's Tomb. Three bones are required to open the doors and enter a chamber with Nazastarool undead guarding the Tomb Dolmen.

Note: Beads of the dead are required in the section of Rashiliyia's Tomb where the doors are located.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Player searches door:

"The door is ornately carved with depictions of skeletal warriors.
You notice that some of the skeletal warriors depictions are not complete.
Instead, there are recesses[sic] were some of the bones should be.
There are three recesses."

Player attempts to open door:

"This door is completely sealed, it is very ornately carved.

Player uses Bones on door without having at least 3 of them:

"You do not have enough bones for all the recesses."

Player uses Bones on door while having at least 3 of them:

"You fit the bones into the reccesses[sic] of the door.
The door seems to change slightly.
Two depictions of skeletal warriors turn their heads towards you.
They are alive!
The Skeletons wrench themselves free of the door.
Stepping out of the door, with grinning teeth they push the huge doors open."