Tomb of Bervirius

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Tomb of Bervirius is an ancient grave in Karamja, west of Shilo Village. It is visited during Shilo Village quest by searching the Well stacked rocks in Cairn Isle.

Well stacked rocks in Cairn Isle

In Tattered Scroll it is said that Bervirius was a son of King Danthalas and Queen Rashiliyia. He died in a battle but later rose as Undead due to a treaty of his mother and Zamorak. He was eventually slain by fire and his bones had to be surrounded by and be at the level of sea. Thus a cave in Cairn Isle was chosen to contain them.

The small tomb contains a Skeleton, UndeadOne and the Tomb Dolmen. The dolmen is searched for Sword Pommel, Locating Crystal and Bervirius Tomb Notes. Later on in the quest the Rashiliya Corpse is used on the dolmen to finish the quest and give final resting place for Rashiliyia.

The tomb has handholds which can be used to climb back up.