Well stacked rocks

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Well stacked rocks are an agility obstacle that acts as the entrance to the Tomb of Bervirius located on Cairn Isle. Players must have at least level 32 in order to navigate them to enter the tomb during the Shilo Village (quest). After the quest the tomb fills with water, making the Tomb of Bervirius inaccessible.

Messages[edit | edit source]


Rocks that have been stacked uniformly.

Searching during the quest:

You investigate the rocks and find a dank,narrow crawl-way.
Do you want to crawl into this dank, dark, narrow,
possibly dangerous hole?
Yes please, I can think of nothing nicer ![sic]
You contort your body and prepare to squirm, worm like, into the hole.
[If player succeeds]
You struggle through the narrow crevice in the rocks
and drop to your feet into a narrow underground corridor
[If player fails]
You managed to get yourself stuck.
You have to wrench yourself free to get out.
You manage to pull yourself out, but hurt yourself in the process.
Maybe you'll have better luck next time?
No way could you get me to go in there ![sic]
You decide that the surface is the place for you!

Searching after the quest:

This tomb entrance seems to be completely flooded.
A great sense of peace pervades in this area.