Bone Shard

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Bone Shard is a quest item from Shilo Village. It is obtained from Zadimus' ghost by taking the Zadimus Corpse to the statue at the Tai Bwo Wannai. It is later chiseled (requiring level 20 Crafting and giving 8.75 Crafting experience) to make a Bone Key.

Messages[edit | edit source]

If player attempts to drop:

You cannot bring yourself to drop this item.
You remember the words that Zadimus said when he appeared
in front of you.
'[sic]I am the key, but only kin may approach her.

If player attempts to use a chisel on the bone before they discover Rashiliyia's Tomb they will get the following message:

You're not quite sure what to make with this.
Perhaps it will come to you as you discover more about Rashiliyia?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player crafts the Bone Key while their inventory is full it will force the key to be dropped on the ground when it is crafted.
  • The inventory sprite has a disconnected yellow line in the same position as Bone Beads.