Rashiliyia's Tomb

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Location on World Map
Musa Point
Tai Bwo Wannai mine Rashiliyia's Tomb Unknown
Ah Za Roon

Rashiliyia's Tomb is an ancient grave in Karamja, east of Ship yard and Tai Bwo Wannai. It is located during Shilo Village quest by using information on Bervirius Tomb Notes and the Locating Crystal. First the trees must be searched to reveal Hillside Entrance. Hillside Entrance is searched to reveal a bone lock that can be opened with a Bone Key.

Entrance Chamber[edit | edit source]

The first chamber contains two UndeadOnes and a Metal Dungeon Gate. The gate must be searched to enter. After the gate Beads of the dead must be worn at all times to prevent constant choking damage.

Tunnels[edit | edit source]

After the gate level 32 Agility rocks can climbed down to get to tunnels that contain more UndeadOnes and coins spawn. Southwest tunnel leads to Tomb Doors. The southwest chamber is entered by using three bones on the Tomb Doors.

Tomb Chamber[edit | edit source]

The level 83 bosses are in order of appearance:

After slaying the Nazastarool the Tomb Dolmen can be searched for Rashiliya Corpse.

Exit[edit | edit source]

The dungeon can only be left by teleporting or dying.

Gallery[edit | edit source]