Orb of light

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An Orb of light is a quest item obtained during the Underground pass quest. Each orb must be used on a furnace. Players who use the orbs on the well instead of the Furnace will take damage. They are found through a series of passages leading outwards from a room containing an altar and a well.

White orb[edit | edit source]

The white orb is obtained from the northern passage. Two planks must be picked up in order to cross the passage and return safely.

Blue orb[edit | edit source]

The blue orb is obtained from the western passage. Various traps must be disarmed in order to take it, and if one cannot be disarmed successfully, all of the previous traps will be triggered and the player will take damage. Having more than 20 hits is advised throughout this passage.

Pink orb[edit | edit source]

The pink orb is obtained from the north-western passage past various rats and ogres.

Yellow orb[edit | edit source]

The yellow orb is obtained from the south-western passage. A rope must be used with a stalagmite in order to cross the spikes safely.

Item spawns[edit | edit source]