Poison chalice

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The Poison chalice is a drink that can be obtained by talking to Stankers near the Coal trucks. Consuming the drink can produce 7 different random effects which include skill boosts, healing, and damage.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The poison chalice is the only possible way for a player to acquire a temporary skill boost which can increase Crafting or Thieving in Classic.

Response Effect
That tasted very dodgy

You feel very ill

Attack, Defense, and Strength -3
That tasted a bit dodgy.

You feel a bit ill

No effect, Hits -1 or -3
It heals some health Hits +7
You feel a little strange Crafting +1, Attack & Defense -1
You feel a lot better Heals a lot, Thieving +1
Wow that was an amazing!!

You feel really invigorated

Heals a lot; Attack, Defense, and Strength +4
It has a slight taste of apricot No effect

Bug[edit | edit source]

  • When the poison chalice hits for 3 damage the hitsplash will only display "1"