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Randas's Journal is a quest item used in the Underground pass quest. Obtaining and reading it is not required to complete the quest. It is found on the ground in a room next to the long dead warrior Randas. The room it is found in has an altar and a well, and is located deep within the Underground Pass.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Randas's Journal contains entries by the human being Randas, who traveled to underground passes deep under the mountains in order to leave Spheres of Light in the tunnels, an act intended to provide morale and safety for those who would traverse the tunnels. The spheres were created by Saradomin worshipping mages, and their power was intended to destroy those who are evil, while strengthening the courage and faith inside the hearts of those who already possessed it. Randas also writes about his followers whom he admires as pure, and how they do not dare to approach Ibans well. Randas confesses in writing his fears of being corrupted by the evil magic power inside the well, a fear he felt unable to divulge to his pure hearted soldiers.

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