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All wall scenery in RuneScape Classic.

Wall scenery refers to the various two-dimensional boundaries located around RuneScape Classic. They are a concept exclusive to Classic. In later iterations of RuneScape, wall scenery would be combined with general scenery. Doors and other boundaries that were "Wall scenery" in Classic, no longer used a separate structure in RuneScape 2.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Wall scenery is not shown on the mini-map.
  • Wall scenery can generally be examined, but only 75.2% of wall scenery have an examine text defined.
  • Many wall scenery have other actions available (for example, Doors can be opened).
  • Items can also be used with some of them, such as Keys.
  • Wall scenery is not usually animated, but there are exceptions: Magic portals, which use the same animated water texture as fountains.
  • Most wall scenery will block a player's path (for example, fencing), while others can be walked through (for example, an open doorframe).

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