Well (Underground Pass)

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In the first level of Underground Pass there is a Well that can be dropped down to enter the second level of the dungeon system. Four orbs of light must be collected from passages and used on a furnace in order to proceed further down.

The dead body of Randas lays on the well along with his journal nearby. Wells examine text says: The remains of a warrior slump over the strange construction

Player taking damage

Messages[edit | edit source]

Attempting to drop down without using all the orbs of light:

you climb into the well
from below an icy blast of air chills you to your bones [Player takes damage]
a mystical force seems to blast you back out of the well
there must be a positive force near by!

If player uses the orbs of light on the well:

You place the orb in the well
a mystical forces blasts the orb back out [Player takes damage]

Dropping down after using all the orbs of light in the Furnace:

you climb into the well
you feel the grip of icy hands all around you...
..slowly dragging you futher[sic] down into the caverns