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Explosive compound can be made during and after Digsite quest. It is used to blow up blockage in Digsite dungeon. If the player drops the compound they can be hit for 60+ damage, depending on their hits level. Unlike in RuneScape 2, the player can be killed by the explosion.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Players who use the compound on the Brick located in the Digsite dungeon will get the following messages:

"You pour the compound over the bricks
Player: I need some way to ignite this compound..."

When players use a tinderbox afterwards get the following messages:

"You strike the tinderbox
Player: Whoa! this is going to blow!"[sic]
Player: I'd better run!
Player: Wow that was a big explosion!
Player: ...What's that noise I can hear ?
Player: ...Sounds like bones moving or something"

Creation[edit | edit source]

Nitroglycerin.png + Ammonium Nitrate.png + Ground charcoal.png + Arcenia root.png = Explosive compound.png

Ingredients needed: Nitroglycerin, Ammonium Nitrate, Ground charcoal, Arcenia root

  1. Use Ammonium Nitrate on Nitroglycerin to get mixed chemicals (5 Herblaw XP and 0.13% fatigue)
  2. Use Ground charcoal on mixed chemicals to get a "more foul" version (6.25 Herblaw XP and 0.13% fatigue)
  3. Add Arcenia root to complete the explosive (7.5 Herblaw XP and 0.13% fatigue)

Yielding a total of 18.75 XP received and 0.4% fatigue.

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