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Examine: A red hot furnace

Furnaces play an essential role in the Smithing skill. They are used to smelt metal bars out of ores. Using ore on the furnace creates corresponding metal bars which are then used to create armour and weapons by using the metal bars on an anvil. Furnaces can also be used in the Crafting skill to make jewellery by using either a gold or silver bar on them with a mould and an optional cut gem and in the player's inventory.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Location details Notes
Al Kharid North of the bank
Falador Center of Falador, located north of White Knights Castle
East Ardougne South of the north East Ardougne bank En route to the bank from Kandarin Monastery mine
Entrana Near the docks
Legends caverns Ancient Lava Furnace in the lowest depths Used during the Legend's Quest to form a red crystal
Lumbridge Located north of the Lumbridge Castle
Shilo Village Located north of the bank Requires 20gp which is given to Yohnus to access it. Closest furnace to a bank.
Underground Pass In the first level after the grill traps examine: Charred bones are slowly burning inside (See: Orb of light)
Zanaris North-East of the Fairy bankers Fastest way to make large amounts of Molten glass
Overgrown village (Wilderness) Level 25 Wilderness, east of Bandit Camp Potentially dangerous; relatively close to Wilderness hobgoblin mine

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