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Location on World Map
Grave of Scorpius
Unknown Observatory Tree Gnome Village

The Observatory is located in southwestern Kandarin. It is featured in the Observatory Quest.

The area cannot be reached from Feldip Hills or from Tree Gnome Village. Quickest way to get there is to follow the river south from Battle Field spirit tree.

Observatory Reception[edit | edit source]

Observatory reception is the house with Observatory Professors and Observatory assistants. From the house you can find ladder down to Observatory dungeon which leads to the actual Observatory Tower. There is also a range, well and a spawn of Astrology Book.

Observatory start.png

Goblin Settlement[edit | edit source]

Elf circle or Fairy ring north of the goblin settlement. They are not for traveling in classic Runescape.

There are level 7 and level 13 Goblins by the three small houses east of the Observatory. There is also a fire and a range for cooking and following item spawns:

North of the settlement there are trees, oaks, two maple trees, a yew, a bear and level 21 skeleton.

Fishing Spot[edit | edit source]

River widens to a small pond south of the goblin settlement. There is a peaceful lure / bait fishing spot, a willow tree and a bench. There is also a fishing spot on the opposite side of the pond with a closer willow tree. The opposite side can only be reached from Yanille or Feldip Hills.

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