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This article is about the object used primarily in Cooking. For the combat skill, see Ranged.

Ranges are objects that allow players to use their cooking skill to cook raw food (often fish). Cooked food can then be eaten to heal a player's hits. Ranges typically reduce the chance of burning food compared to fires.

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are 36 regular Ranges in RuneScape Classic, not including an additional 4 Cook's Ranges, the range in the basement of the Carnillean house, nor the range on Tutorial Island.

Location Requirements Notes
Al Kharid - north of the bank None Close to bank: 15 steps
Al Kharid - southeast corner in the Witch's house None
Two in Brimhaven None
Champions' Guild 32 Quest Points
Draynor Manor - ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] None
Catherby - north of the bank None Close to bank: 18 steps (Owen who certs members fish)
Cooks' Guild (1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]) 32 Cooking and Chef's Hat
East Ardougne - south of north bank 16 Thieving required for door Close to bank: 15 steps (+time for lockpicking door)
East Ardougne - In the basement of the Carnillean house None During The Hazeel Cult quest players who side 'evil' poison the family's stew that is on the range. Examine: A pot of soup slowly cooking
Edgeville - above the General store None
Entrana None

Lumbridge - north of Bob's axes

Observatory reception None

Rimmington - north of Hetty's house

Varrock - castle kitchen None
Varrock - south of the eastern bank in a house None
Varrock - southwest of the western bank in the Blue Moon Inn None
West Ardougne - southwest of Civic Office Plague City
Wilderness, Bandit Camp None Cheese and Tomato spawns, Fat Tony sells Pizza Bases
Zanaris - near the bank Lost City Closest to bank: 9 steps

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