Sorcerors' Tower

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Location on World Map
Seer's Village
Fishing Guild Sorcerors[sic] tower Keep LeFaye
East Ardougne

The sorceror's[sic] tower is a stone building with two floors located in the kingdom of Kandarin between East Ardougne and Seer's Village. It is the home of Thormac the sorceror, who players can talk to start the Scorpion catcher quest. Completing this quest allows the player to pay Thormac 40,000 coins to enchant any elemental battlestaff into an enchanted battlestaff.

Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

Sorcerors' Tower map 1.png

The downstairs section of the building contains a Range and a table with a knife spawn on it. There is also a ladder leading upstairs. There is a Flax plant and well located east of the tower.

Upstairs[edit | edit source]

Sorcerors' Tower map 2.png

Upstairs is where Thormac himself is. There is a bookcase on the western wall, and three pentagrams on the floor. There is also the ladder which leads back downstairs to the ground floor.