Bestiary (Library of Varrock)/White Wolf

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This entry of the Bestiary is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.

This text dates to 28 May 2003.

Bestiary - White Wolf[edit | edit source]


Height: Up to 7ft long

Weight: 230 lbs

Varieties: Level 31

Level 41

Level 71 (Pack Leader)

Locations: In the pass of White Wolf Mountain

Appearance: Lean and hungry looking, these tenacious beasts must steal themselves against the cold mountain air

Way of Life: The wolves patrol the crucial pass in the north. Although of varying strengths, these aggressive animals can be relentless when pack hunting. Like a hazard of nature, white wolves essentially control this passage. So heed these words and pack plenty of provisions- or stay away from White Wolf Mountain

Likes: The recent rise in tourism through the mountain regions

Dislikes: Warmer weather, which can make them lethargic