Tales from the Tavern

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Tales from the Tavern were part of the Library of Varrock website feature and consisted of entertaining stories submitted by players. They were not considered canon and were often published by Jagex unedited. In total, eleven user-submitted stories were published by Jagex in the Tales from the Tavern section of the website. Though part of the Tales from the Tavern section of the website, the introduction by Reldo was not submitted by users.

Tales[edit | edit source]

The Miners' Tale by DoomRanger5

Boots, Gloves, And Caskets by Teutonknight

Prayer To Guthix by Deminstius

The Tale Of The Twelve Apple Pies by Merrorinc

Untitled by Demon Draco

The Wilderness by Jameilious

Arfard the Barbarian by Samitasmas

Farmlands by ty69 54mn

The Archer, The Mage, and The Knight by Merlin Rune

The Battle of Edgeville by Dal Rown

Saga of the Antihero by Gen Crunchy