The Wilderness (Tales from the Tavern)

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This issue of Tales from the Tavern is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.

Reldo writes: This tale of treachery will perhaps be familiar to all who have ventured into the wilderness at some point of their lives...

The Wilderness - by Jameilious[edit | edit source]

I couldn't help it I was scared, the sun was beginning to set and the monsters of the unknown were starting to come out, I wasn't alone I was with a group of tough fighters who called themselves pures. They had high levels and high-level items to go with that.

However poor old me, I was sitting around in a marsh with rusty bronze armour which was cutting into my left leg leaving it bruised and sore. We set up camp and everyone was asleep with their rune armour under their pillows. I couldn't help it I just had to steal it, I was cold and dirty, miles away from anywhere without monsters roaming around trying to smell you. I crept silently in the night and sneaked over to Kaman who was totally unaware that when he wakes up he will be cold and dirty just like I was.

My stealth-like movements paid off and now I was a knight in shining armour. But I could not stop there with more than I ever dreamed of I was greedy, too greedy to live I was thinking. So I crept over to umber that was always boasting about his hoard of money chinking in his backpack. I moved swiftly over to him and opened his pack, it seemed luck was certainly with me tonight?

But then! Marvil the ant woke up, he was a burly level 98 who no-one messed with and me a pitiful level 39 stood stiff and scared, he cried a cry that could be heard from miles away and all the monsters with gleaming axes and green teeth came closer, closer. With what energy I had left in me I got up and ran I ran until my feet ached, I ran until I thought I could run no further then? It all went very dark, since it was morning at last what was happening? I turn round and see a giant with its club raised and ready to kill, which is what he did, I had learnt the lesson but it was too late?