Boots, Gloves, And Caskets

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Boots Gloves and Caskets

Many ages ago, a group of thieves built a ship called the 'Raider'. This group of thieves was known as the Terminy Ring. The Terminy Ring sailed around Runescape from town to town on the Raider, terrorizing citizens and breaking into houses with their trusty lock picks.

After a few good years of thieving and terrorizing, the Terminy Ring had quite a profitable stockpile of loot, which included caskets full of gold, gemstones, and jewelry, along with gloves and boots (gear which every member of the Terminy Ring was required to wear).

One day a group of angry citizens who had been robbed by the Terminy Ring decided they would get revenge. So the citizens put their savings together and built their own seaworthy ship, which they called the Destroyer. The Destroyer was much faster and had much more firepower than the Raider. One night the Destroyer took a test run and a citizen reported seeing a ship from the crow's nest. Upon getting closer they saw the ship was the Raider. The Destroyer opened fire on the Raider and the Raider exploded! Boots, gloves, and caskets flew everywhere.

One citizen's journal read: "Tonight we came in contact with those yellow bellies who stole our gold. We destroyed their ship and everyone aboard it. The ship had exploded; boots, gloves, and caskets fell from the sky. It was almost like the sky was raining items!

There was so much loot aboard the Raider that it took an hour just for all the items to plunge into the ocean." Even today fishermen report finding boots, gloves, and caskets in their catches. Some even say that on foggy nights, with a full moon in the sky, you can see a ghostly silhouette of the Raider sailing on the sea.

And if you listen carefully, you can hear the screams of the victims that were terrorized long ago.