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The God letters were a website feature which ran throughout the latter days of RuneScape Classic and into the early days of RuneScape 2, before being replaced by the Postbag from the Hedge.

The God Letter series soon ended as an entirety- a clear change in direction from the Jagex team. This series had been a staple point in the game worlds developing Lore, and were some of Jagex's first recognizable attempts to further detail the world of RuneScape.

In these letters, players would write in to Jagex with questions addressed to the RuneScape Gods, and Jagex moderators would reply as the gods. As players were not informed which god would reply to each set of questions, players would often address their letters to specific gods, only to get them answered by a different one.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Saradomin had written the first letter, and established himself as the de facto force of "Good" in the new world of RuneScape -

Players had known to look forward to these letters and the occasional accompanying images and concept art over the months - The extra details and curiosities had made the game world of RuneScape Classic even more vibrant and full of mystery.

Readers of the Official RuneScape website saw a return to this format when Mod Osborne and Postie Pete began giving extra life to the world in September 2005 via Post Bag from the Hedge.

Letters[edit | edit source]

The Gods responded as follows:

Saradomin Letters[edit | edit source]

Issue 1 - Saradomin Speaks

Issue 2 - The People Rejoice

Issue 3 - Ep Three: A New Bone

Issue 4 - The All-powerful Jellyfish

Issue 5 - Moody monsters

Issue 6 - All Hallow's Eve

Issue 7 - Unisex?

Issue 8 - Monk bashing

Issue 14 - The Return of Saradomin

Issue 17 - Saradomin Speaks Once More

Issue 20 - Saradomin Answers Questions*

Issue 21 - Saradomin Illuminates*

Issue 26 - Saradomin Preaches*

Issue 27 - Saradomin Enlightens*

Zamorak Letters[edit | edit source]

Issue 9 - Zamorak retaliates!

Issue 10 - Zamorak does one

Issue 11 - Zamorak Loves Letters

Issue 15 - Zamorak speaks his mind once more

Issue 18 - Zamorak Rises!

Issue 22 - Zamorak Deconstructs*

Issue 23 - Zamorak Considers Some Issues*

Guthix Letters[edit | edit source]

Issue 12 - Guthix Manifests

Issue 13 - Guthix Maintains

Issue 16 - Guthix Dispels Rumours

Issue 19 - Guthix Embraces Change*

Issue 24 - Guthix Ponders*

Issue 25 - Guthix Reiterates*

The letters issues marked with an asterisk (*) were released after the launch of RuneScape 2.