Lores and Histories

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Lores and Histories were a website feature as part of the Library of Varrock and were present on the website until 2019. The Lores and Histories are a compilation of tomes kept by Reldo, the Royal Librarian of Varrock. The lores are all restored tomes that tell the story of RuneScape's past, whether it be through folklore or the diary of an adventurer.

Some of these are verified to accurately express histories of RuneScape, while others are mythologies related to true people and events in which the accuracy is not guaranteed.

Title Author Released
Foreword by Reldo Unknown 2003
Gnomic Negotiations Unknown 2003
A True and Concise History of the Discovery of the Runes Unknown 2003
Spirit of the Pass Unknown 2003
History of RuneScape Unknown 16 October 2003
The Legend of Arrav (Part I and II) Unknown 16 October 2003 (Part I)
Before 17 August 2004 (Part II)