The Archer, The Mage, and The Knight

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This issue of Tales from the Tavern is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.

Reldo writes: I have found an interesting yet incomplete example of late fourth age poetry in one of my many trawls through the Varrockian archives - the oral tradition of Bards, although having died out somewhat recently, accounts for many of RuneScapes mythology. I particularly enjoyed this piece for its thematic content of the traditional archetypes of warrior, ranger and mage.

The archer, the mage, and the knight - by Merlin Rune[edit | edit source]

Long ago in a time long passed,
When the world was ripe and young,
Adventurers three traveled the world vast,
So now this song is sung

The first one was a valiant knight,
Whose heart was pure as gold
Before him, enemies would take flight
Because his face was bold

Then second came the archer quick
Whose hair was golden blonde
He'd kill his enemies with but a stick
Of him the ladies were fond

Last, not least, came the mage
His silver beard flowing long
Twice as smart as any sage
But not exactly strong

They travelled far over land
And under forests old
Across beaches in the sand
And in many mountains cold

I wish more of this could be said
But the tale is no longer mine
And as much as I do dread,
The story is now thine