Bestiary (Library of Varrock)/Greater Demon

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This entry of the Bestiary is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.

This text dates to 21 May 2003.

Bestiary - Greater Demon[edit | edit source]


Height: 8ft 6in

Weight: 350 lbs

Varieties: Level 89

Locations: Entrana, Lava Maze (underground), ruins in (north-east) wilderness.

Appearance: As Zamorack's representative on Runescape, these demons are immediately recognisable by their capacity to kill you in a matter of seconds. And with the Greater Demon, what you see is what you get

Way of Life: Not known

Likes: Being master of all that they survey

Dislikes: Cowards. If you go to fight a Greater Demon, don't run away or retreat. You'll still get killed, but at least he'll respect you more that way