Foreword by Reldo (Tales from the Tavern)

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This issue of Tales from the Tavern is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.

Welcome, curious one, to the Royal Library of Varrock. My name is Reldo, and as curator, historian and scholar to the histories of RuneScape, I shall be your guide here.

As my role of Librarian of Varrock, I often come across manuscripts and documents that are, for want of a better word, lies. Entertaining lies none the less, but still of extremely questionable historical accuracy. I present here for your amusement rather than your education, a number of tales and ballads I have heard or discovered contained within the library. I put very little faith in their accuracy, or truthfulness, but as entertainment, I hold them in high regard. I think we have all been to a tavern, and been regaled with an entertaining tale by some braggart, whose words are his currency for the drink he consumes, have we not? And even though we know his words to be a lie, we listen, enchanted, for secretly we wish the words were true...

It is in this spirit I present the following pieces of fiction, and I ask those who have heard similarly entertaining tales to send to me, where I will consider them for publication here.

Please ensure anything you send is either an attached plain text file, or in the body of your message, as .docs or other attachments will not be read, and if you would like the story tellers name to be included, please mark it clearly or it will be produced as an anonymous source. I would also suggest you use a spell-check program before sending them, for you would not like to appear foolish with basic spelling errors would you?


The Miners' Tale by DoomRanger5

Boots, Gloves, And Caskets by Teutonknight

Prayer To Guthix by Deminstius

The Tale Of The Twelve Apple Pies by Merrorinc

Untitled by Demon Draco

The Wilderness by Jameilious

Arfard the Barbarian by Samitasmas

Farmlands by ty69 54mn

The Archer, The Mage, and The Knight by Merlin Rune

The Battle of Edgeville by Dal Rown

Saga of the Antihero by Gen Crunchy