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The Bestiary was part of the Library of Varrock website feature during the end of RuneScape Classic through the beginning of RuneScape 2. Each bestiary entry contains information about a monster and animations of the monster's RuneScape 2 alpha or beta model.

There were 74 entries in the bestiary:

Animated Axe Bandit Barbarian
Bear Black Dragon Black Knight
Blue Dragon Camel Chaos Druid
Chaos Druid Warrior Chaos Dwarf Chicken
Cow Dark Warrior Dark Wizard
Deadly Red Spider Druid Dungeon Rat
Dwarf Earth Warrior Farmer
Forester Ghost Giant
Giant Bat Giant Rat Giant Spider
Gnome Goblin Greater Demon
Grey Wolf Guard Guard Dog
Hellhound Hero Highwayman
Hobgoblin Ice Spider Ice Warrior
Imp Jailguard Jogre
Jungle Spider King Black Dragon Knight Of Ardougne
Lesser Demon Man Monk
Monk of Zamorak Mountain Dwarf Mugger
Necromancer Ogre Otherworldly Being
Paladin Pirate Poison Spider
Red Dragon Renegade Knight Rogue
Scorpion Shadow Spider Sheep
Skeleton Thief Thug
Tribesman Unicorn Warriorwoman
White Knight White Wolf Witch
Wizard Zombie

Known Changes[edit | edit source]

A redesign of the bestiary took place at some point between May 30th, 2003 and July 26th, 2003. The redesign changed the bestiary such that monsters were no longer listed individually but were instead grouped together alphabetically. Additionally, the levels of most monsters were later changed to reflect their combat levels in RuneScape 2. Moreover, some specific entries were changed at different times:

  • The entry for giant spiders was edited at some point after May 21st, 2003 to include the level information both of small spiders and of different varieties of giant spiders in RuneScape 2.
  • The levels of the gnomes mentioned in the entry for gnomes were changed at some point after May 21st, 2003. The level ascribed to gnome guards, level 19, does not match the level of gnome guards in RuneScape Classic (Level 23, 27, and 31) or in RuneScape 2 (Level 23).
  • The entry for animated axes was removed from the bestiary at some point after July 26th, 2003. Since no monsters in the bestiary had names beginning with the letter 'A' after this change, the entry was replaced with the text "No creatures beginning with A have been catalogued for the Library Of Varrock... yet." Additionally, an entry regarding magic axes, which featured the same text as the animated axe entry (besides the correction of a miss-spelled word), was added to the entries under the letter 'M'.